(Kill Rock Stars)
Release Date: November 19th, 2018

Album cover by Jason Mecier

Photos by Kim Newmoney

In these absolutely batshit crazy times we’re living in, we need a voice like Emily Heller’s in our heads.  It’s not a voice of reason or sanity or anything quite so logical, no. Hers is something more reassuring: the voice of someone who shares your skewed, yet correct view of the world.  That sharp-witted friend who agrees with your assessment that some kids deserve to be on leashes, men are pretty fucking awful, and we are currently stuck with the Air Bud of Presidents.

Chances are you are already familiar with Emily Heller.  You ran out and bought her brilliant debut stand-up album Good For Her after seeing her live or catching her appearances on Conan, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, and @midnight.  Or you have unwittingly devoured her writing through her work on series like Barry and People of Earth.  Or maybe, just maybe, you’re deeply in love with Baby Geniuses, the podcast she co-hosts with cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt.

Pasta, Emily’s new album for Kill Rock Stars, amplifies her singular comedic voice and vision in all the right ways.  Recorded live at Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon, her set has the casual, friendly feel of a hang with your best friend, whether that’s at a bar or your couch.  Anywhere you can share caustic barbs and bitter truths about your life and the weird world you’re surrounded with. She’s effortlessly and fearlessly funny as she goes over her need for therapy, dealing with slightly invasive personal trainers, and the joys and perils of her current romantic relationship.

It’s the perfect comedic blend of the intensely personal yet instantly relatable.  You haven’t lived Emily Heller’s life but you recognize the little details and big feelings from your own day-to-day existence.  It just took finding that brilliant, hilarious person with a microphone to speak them out loud.



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