On Vacation 2CD
GER 042

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Track listing:
The Genocide Ball
Jesus and Hitler
The Republican Army
Oh No! Oh My! (1994)
Crispy Christian Tea Time
You Don't Fill Me Up the Same
I Slept Through the Holocaust
Every Nazi Plane has A Cross
On Vacation

On Vacation (MP3)
Watermelon Sugar
Apricot Tea
The Red-Haired Girl
Pre-Party #94
The Tourist
Oh No! Oh My!
I'm OK

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publicity contact:
Daniel Gill
Fanatic Promotion or 323.660.2701

The Robot Ate Me is a self-eating happy sad sing along experimental-pop band based out of the sunny and mostly superficial San Diego, California. The quiet members include Ryland Bouchard, RJ Hoffman and David Greenberg. They do not enjoy writing biographical statements or taking pictures. The band has nothing to do with robots and they sit around and laugh at themselves frequently. These songs tend to speak for themselves.

Their 2004 double album On Vacation is a conceptual landscape that challenges the common separation between popular music and politics by contrasting a disc of odd political commentary with a disc of accessible escapist pop.

"Part one is a mixture of samples and live instruments, portrayed as if you were listening to a World War I era radio broadcast while taking refuge in a bomb shelter. It is the soundtrack of a politician, finger on the button, living in a cave like some megalomaniacal Howard Hughes type…Imagine the excitement of seeing the ice cream man driving down your block, and getting your beloved orange-dream bar, only to find a rat's tail after eating half of it…And then suddenly, as the discs change, we're transported away from death and despair, and find ourselves living it up on a tropical island. Part two follows The Robot Ate Me's 2002 release, They Ate Themselves in its choice of ensemble. It demonstrates a quest for fractured sounds and ideas created by acoustic instruments, dysfunctional engineering choices and journal-style lyrics." - Dave Madden, Splendid

The Robot Ate Me keeps you on your toes, warm under blankets and shivering all at once. The songs hang on gently orchestrated hands that break, pull, smile and play with instruments that create themselves and themes that are extracted from political insanity, the politicization of mass murder, the politics of religion, death, loss, love, and being eaten to pieces by everything and everyone.

Their debut, They Ate Themselves was considered by some critics as one of the top 10 independent albums of 2003. "Quite possibly the year's most arresting experimental pop record, They Ate Themselves is a dizzyingly vibrant trip through death and multi-layered dissonance." (Skyscraper). As with any experimental pop band the eventual lazy comparison to the infamous Radiohead is made, claiming They Ate Themselves as being "as damn good as a Kid A" (Splendid) while others argue that the music is "much more genuine than anything Radiohead could ever try to pull" (Tiny Mix Tapes).

Despite their critical acclaim any member of The Robot Ate Me is still more than willing to play Frisbee with any fan that asks them, hand-makes each copy of their new release, sends Polaroids and emails to their fans, and the drummer David Greenberg will take you out to Bronx Pizza in a heartbeat.

If you have any sort of heart The Robot Ate Me will sink and dig into your soft skin, lift you up and pull you around with some of the most original and interesting pop music around. This music is heartfelt, odd, beautiful and just damn good…

More From the Press:

"The Robot Ate Me is an obtuse underground band that instantly stands out from the pack. The songs are almost completely out of touch with everything else currently happening in music...and what a refreshing change that is indeed. On Vacation is a brilliant two CD set enclosed in a beautifully crafted (and individually-numbered) handmade booklet." (Babysue)

"The Robot Ate Me is an engaging, frequently puzzling and wholly rewarding listen. Best taken before bedtime, while sleepy, medicated or just bewildered." (Exclaim!)

"If you are a fan of ambitious rock that still manages to be accessible, pick up their debut. With a debut as strong as Themselves, TRAM are on their way towards making an impact. Hold your breath for these guys." (whatzup)

"I find the whole of the album so enjoyable that it has defied my attempts to mention actual tracks as highlights. In fact, They Ate Themselves is a remarkable whole. I can almost guarantee this will make my list of the top ten for 2003" (Sponic Zine)

"It is releases like this one that really makes me glad that I get to write CD reviews." (Spork)


"Enough. It is impossible to understand a Robot Ate Me album from a written description. The band says that "the songs tend to speak for themselves", and I couldn't agree more." (Splendid)

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