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Jeff Hanson
Son CD

KRS 388

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Jeff Hanson is a gifted songwriter with one of the most beautiful voices you will ever hear. Most singers with a voice this good would be content just to sing somebody else's songs, but Jeff not only writes and sings these tunes, he also plays the majority of the other sounds you will hear on his exceptional debut album, "Son".

Jeff's unique voice is one of subtle charm and personal style. Although he sings in a high register (which upon first listen can be mind boggling) it is not a gimmick. It is the sound of comfort and understanding, quieting the soul and soothing the senses.

Track listing:

1. Hiding Behind the Moon (mp3)
2. You Are the Reason
3. You and I Alone
4. Laughing at Nothing
5. Some Years Ago
6. As Honest as a Liar Can Be
7. If You Ever Say
8. Just Like Me (mp3)
9. Everything You Do
10. The End of Everything Known
11. Somedays and Sundays

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Outdoor color photos by Ryan Huber Scheife. Black and white photos (in studio) by Meghan Anzelc.

Jeff was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in a suburb, Waukesha. His parents began his musical training at the age of four with guitar lessons and influenced his tastes by playing music in the house that was alive with harmony and melody. Jeff was involved in musical theater at 10, singing falsetto, and was asked to join a boy's choir shortly afterward. He passed on the choir, but three years later found another musical calling, forming the indie rock band M.I.J. at only 13-years-old.

The group stayed together for more than seven years, releasing a 7", an EP and a full-length on Caulfield Records (Christie Front Drive, Mineral) and celebrating some notoriety in the Lincoln, Nebraska scene and throughout the Midwest. Even in a rock band, Jeff's unique voice continued to rise to the top.

He says, "Through the years, my voice became more of an instrument. After our first 7", so many reviews referred to the band as having a female singer! With my acoustic, I just sing prettier I guess."

After the breakup of M.I.J, Jeff worked on his own music, much of which is here on "Son". Jeff is the first artist in many years to be signed by Kill Rock Stars merely by sending in a demo. His music was so immediately gripping that it got the label's attention in a way that thousands upon thousands of other bands and performers were not able to do. The music he writes and performs is a nod to the classic sound of harmony and perfect orchestration. He is able to compose modern and original music that blends classical, folk and popular sounds to create an entirely original mix.

Jeff says, "I'm stuck in the past· the way I was raised. I was raised on Beach Boys, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel - my parents took me to see the Everly Brothers when I was in fourth grade. I've kind of grown up with bands that are big into melody and harmony and that's what I've liked the most."

Jeff plays every instrument on "Son" besides piano (though he is pictured sitting at one in the CD booklet - "That was kind of the irony of the thing - I don't play piano - I'm gonna learn though!") and his keen ear has allowed him to compose all of these songs in his head. Like a stream of consciousness author, he writes his songs at once, spilling them onto tape with an outpouring of beauty and grace.

Until entering Presto Recordings in Lincoln, Nebraska, Jeff had never rehearsed or even heard his drum and bass parts except in his head. Jeff was assisted in recording "Son" by in-house Saddle Creek Records producers AJ and Mike Mogis, the men behind the boards for recent albums by Bright Eyes and The Faint.

Jeff will be touring in 2003 as a solo artist and also plans on expanding and playing with friends and found musicians along the way.

"I like playing live now more than ever because this is the beginning of my solo career. I'm going to do a lot of acoustic material which I won't able to do with my band and in time, I'm going to bring other musicians out."

Jeff's debut on Kill Rock Stars is a true musical dream story: classical guitar lessons at age four from open-minded parents, a middle school band that lasted for a lucky seven, a passion to continue playing solo, and then sending a demo to his favorite record label. It worked - Jeff is now the newest bright and talented addition to the Kill Rock Stars family. "Son" will surprise and delight you with its emotion and sense of hope.